Output formats

LookUP results can be accessed in a variety of different output formats e.g. HTML, XML, JSON, AVM and for limited ability mobile phones. These output formats are provided to make the data more useful and portable. The format of the outputs is best seen by looking at a successful search. The URLs for the different searches are:

No object found?

The output format will be limited if the required object was not found. If this is the case and it looks as though this was due to incorrect spelling, the target value in the XML and JSON outputs will contain an additional suggestion attribute e.g. if the search was for "Oron", a suggestion would be "Orion".

The XML is:

  <target suggestion="Orion">Oron</target>
  <category avmcode=""/>

The JSON output is:

"target": {"name": "Oron", "alt":"" , "suggestion":"Orion" },
"message": "<p style=\"color:#d33;text-align:center\">Did you mean <a href=\"http://www.strudel.org.uk/lookUP/?name=Orion\">Orion</a>?",
"category": {"avmcode":"","avmdesc":""}