Tweet Minister

Just over a week ago a conversation started on Twitter. This, itself, isn't unusual but what was unusual was that the conversation involved a Government Minister; the Science Minister no less. The conversation started with a comment by Colin Stuart who was worried about Lord Drayson acquiring responsibility for the role of Defence Procurement as well as Science. Several other science twitterers chipped in and it became a rare example of direct interaction between Government and the public.

I've saved the entire conversation including the comments about Lord Drayson's racing team at Le Mans (Science, Defence Procurement and a racing team!) to show what was said and some of the context.

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Things you won't find in space

I created the LookUP service to make it easy to find specific astronomical objects. It won't find everything though.

One of the reasons an object isn't found is because the user didn't spell it correctly. To help with that, I've added a 'Did you mean?' option that will learn from successful searches and use those to suggest what you might have meant. This should improve over time. Another reason that a search fails is because the input wasn't something astronomical. Some recent examples include: books, coffee, Jesus, Freemasons, fish food, local news, God, and movies. None of these things were found in an astronomical context. Interestingly, these have all come from people using the iPhone application version.

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