Virtual Sky - Gnomic Update

Recently I've been thinking it'd be good if VirtualSky was able to show a view centred on a specific position in the sky. In my sandbox version I've added a gnomic tan projection that will do exactly that. This could be useful for displaying constellations or perhaps basic finder charts. If you use it you'll probably also want to turn the ground off with "ground=false".

A second addition I made was to use the URL to display markers for specific objects. This uses LookUP to resolve the positions. You just need to add an argument along the lines of "objects=M1;M42;Horsehead+Nebula" (use semi-colons to separate names).

These changes only work in my sandbox version at the moment whilst I test them.

Update 08th Nov 2013 09:24 GMT: I've also improved the speed of rendering and included these changes on the live embed version.

Posted in astro blog by Stuart on Wednesday 06th Nov 2013 (23:23 GMT) | Permalink
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