Observatory Drive

I'm currently in Australia's Gold Coast on holiday. Today, in a cafe, I overheard someone mention a road called Observatory Drive. I'm not aware of an observatory in this part of Australia so I'm not sure how it got the name. Looking on a map I noticed that it is surrounded by other streets sharing the theme so perhaps one of the developers had an interest in astronomy. I found Palomar Street, Leiden Street, Lowell Street, Molongolo Close, Parkes Court and Jodrell Court all named after famous astronomical observatories. There are some other space themed streets in the same area. See how many you can spot.

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This isn't the only space-themed cluster of streets in this part of Queensland. A couple of miles north west of this patch you'll find another group consisting of Milky Way, Eclipse Court, Constellation Crescent, Equinox Court, Sun Court, and Twilight Drive.

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