An Owl Nebula

Welcome to my 1000th blog post. I can't believe I've been blogging for nearly 9 years even if I have slowed down a bit in my old age (in internet years). I wasn't sure how to mark this personal milestone but, as chance would have it, something happened this week that lets me combine art, astronomy, and people being excellent to one another in one single post.

On Monday, @Yodatheoak retweeted a plea for help by @origami_owl (Paul Groom). I didn't know Paul but it turned out he was having trouble with some HTML/Javascript on his Tumblr blog. People on Twitter often lend me a hand with stuff so it was my turn to return the favour.

After a number of tweets and a couple of emails, we got Paul's problem fixed and he was pretty happy. As a thanks he offered to draw me something. He said he was best at drawing animals so I suggested he draw something that connected astronomy and animals. Within a few hours he had posted his interpretation of the Owl Nebula created using an application on his iPad. Here it is:

Owl Nebula
Artistic interpretation of the Owl Nebula CREDIT/COPYRIGHT: Paul Groom
His painting captures some of the fundamental aspects of nebulae - it has a star surround by a gaseous envelope with different coloured emission coming from different chemical elements (oxygen and hydrogen). It is also pretty cool and I like the way the Owl's attention is captured by the star.

Thanks for the painting Paul!

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