APOD 250,000

The Astronomy Picture of the Day account on Twitter has just reached quarter of a million followers with the 250,000th being @ZMWilmot (subject to a photo finish - thanks @staratlas). Every day all those followers around the world get a link to a stunning picture of the universe. All the nice comments from those people make all the effort of setting up the account and maintaining it since 2007 worthwhile. Of course, I just make sure the Twitter account gets updated. The real credit goes to Rob Nemiroff & Jerry Bonnell (the APOD curators), and the many people around the world who submit their images and videos.

† What is rather neat for me is that this is the second Twitter account I've started that has exceeded 250,000 followers. In neither case have I done marketing. They've succeeded by being interesting and having strong, existing, identities. The first account was @jodrellbank which I set up in 2007 and updated through the IYA until 2010 when I left Jodrell.

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