Comet Elenin

There seems to be an increasing amount of rubbish being banded around the interwebs about Comet Elenin. Much of this seems to be driven by the 2012-ers who are connecting it with the made-up planet "Nibiru". The 2012-ers are promoting the idea that Elenin will crash into the Earth and/or cause massive destruction. There have even been some claiming Elenin is already responsible for the Japanese earthquake even though it wasn't.

The first I noticed of this Elenin-related rubbish was last week when I stumbled across That webpage starts off sounding quite reasonable but quickly starts making up "facts" such as Elenin having a "3,600 year orbit around the galaxy". As the Solar System is about 30,000 light years from the centre of the Galaxy, Elenin would require a speed many times the speed of light to get around that fast! Just a little bit in excess of the "85,000 km/hr" they quote for Elenin's speed. There are many other nonsensical statements to spot on that site.

The awful thing is that the 2012-ers are worrying others. A concerned student came to our office today to ask about Comet Elenin. Someone had told him to leave Cardiff and go home because "terrible things will happen". Chris tried to tell him the facts and reassure him that there was nothing to worry about from Elenin. As with many who have heard a conspiracy, actual facts are unlikely to convince him and may even re-enforce it. Sigh. Roll on 2013.

There is genuine information and images about Elenin on the Armagh Planetarium blog.

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