Super Sweet APOD

The very first Astronomy Picture of the Day entry was posted on 16th June 1995. From those extremely humble beginnings, in the pre-CSS/pre-HTML 3.2 days, APOD has gone on to post 5842 daily images missing only a few days in all that time. I think it has become an Internet institution.

On its 16th birthday APOD doesn't look much different to that first entry. The biggest design change probably happened on September 22nd 1995 - when it became center-aligned - and it has looked pretty much the same ever since. The design may be basic but it has certainly been consistent. It has also consistently shown us fantastic images of the Universe along with great descriptions to explain what we are seeing.

Congratulations to Rob Nemiroff and Jerry Bonnell for all the great work over the years. Many happy returns APOD and here's to another 16 years!

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