Pulsars Galore!

This week I seem to be all about pulsars. On Wednesday my 365 Days of Astronomy episode from early 2009 was repeated to fill an empty slot (if you have an idea for an episode, please think about submitting one). My episode described what pulsars are and I talked to some leading pulsar astronomers about the latest research. It even included some clips from the discoverer of pulsars, Jocelyn Bell.

Today, whilst continuing to improve Chromoscope, I updated one of my test KML files that contains every pulsar from the ATNF pulsar catalogue. I use these Google Sky-compatible files containing lots of objects to

test how quickly Chromoscope can process them. The pulsar list on Chromoscope (the development version) is now up-to-date with all 1973 currently known pulsars. It'll take a few seconds to load but it is worth it as you get to see the distribution of pulsars on the sky and you should notice that most of the known pulsars sit in the plane of the Milky Way.

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