Jodcast Goes Stargazing

The latest episode of the Jodcast is out and it's a good one. It features interviews with three of the presenters of the BBC's recent Stargazing Live as well as the regular Ask an Astronomer segment.

The existence of the January Extra episode is in part thanks to PhD student Evan Keane who asked the comedian Dara Ó Briain, via Twitter, if he would mind being interviewed whilst he was at Jodrell. Dara agreed and the BBC allowed the Jodcast crew, led by Jen Gupta, to go behind-the-scenes to interview Dara, Brian Cox and Mark Thompson ("The One Show astronomer"). I've heard the latest episode a few times now and I think the Jodcast team have done a great job. Dara is very entertaining and it is great to hear Brian Cox go into more detail about his day job than he is normally given the chance to.

Today will be very busy for the Jodcast. As well as releasing this huge episode, they'll be helping out with a Stargazing Live event at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester and then hosting JodPub2 at Dukes92 near MOSI. If you're in the Manchester area, go along. It'll be fun.

Posted in astro blog by Stuart on Saturday 15th Jan 2011 (01:19 GMT) | Permalink
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