The First 500

Plenty of interesting astronomical things have happened recently but one particularly caught my eye this evening. I saw a tweet from @Exoplanetology exclaiming that the number of candidate exoplanets has now exceeded 500!

The first planet around a "Sun-like" star was announced in 1995 and progress was slow to start with. I remember being impressed when we passed the 200 mark back in April 2007. Since then missions such as Kepler have become exoplanet discovery machines, we have had direct observations of exoplanets, and even amateur astronomers are now able to detect exoplanets from their back gardens. How far we've come in only 15 years. I expect the next 500 will be found in a much shorter time. We should probably start thinking of some nice names.

Here's to all the scientists that have contributed to the discovery of the first 500. Cheers!

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Posted in astro blog by Stuart on Saturday 20th Nov 2010 (21:34 GMT) | Permalink
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