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Yesterday I made a minor change and added a feature to LookUP. First, the change. I realised that the images I was using from Flickr included copyright images so I've limited the search to those with licenses that allow them to be included in the LookUP results. Unfortunately, that does reduce the number of images and removes quite a few of the nice astrophotography shots. If you have a Flickr account and astro photographs, please consider using a permissable license and using astrotags.

While getting my head around astrotags I remembered another project I created that made use of tags on blog posts. I realised that I could make use of SpaceBuzz to add a list of blog posts about the object. Of course this relies on bloggers tagging their posts. If you blog about astronomy, make sure you tag your posts with the name of any astronomical objects you mention and then you'll appear in the LookUP results. Here is an example for Titan.

With all the cross-links I now have between Chromoscope, SpaceBuzz and LookUP, it's almost as if I created them with a plan.

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