In the past day or so I have taken an action that I am not proud of. I changed the title of one of my blog posts from 2005 following criticism in the comments on that post.

There had been a Guardian article featuring predictions for the UK General Election by various astrologers, tarot card readers etc. I had checked those predictions after the election. The predictions were not very dependable or reliable and therefore I thought the term "bad", in the original title, was appropriate. Plus, it was a play on the title of Phil Plait's blog.

One of the astrologers I mentioned, did comment on that post. He was admirably good humoured about it considering that my page was ranked at the top of the Google results when searching for him. There was an implication that I should change the title but he explicitly said that he wasn't asking me to do that. I took him at his word. Despite what I feel about the morality of many astrologers (using imaginary versions of the universe to justify getting money from people), I did provide suggestions on ways he could constructively improve his ranking (getting a website for one thing) but those suggestions were not acknowledged.

In the past few days, following an appearance by the astrologer on day-time TV, I had a flurry of comments on that blog post. A few were people asking about their love lives (not sure if they were asking me or hoping that the astrologer reads the comments on my blog) but there were also complaints from someone using the name "Dee". They told me I was being "unecessarily [sic] obstructive" but did not say in what way I was being so. Dee's continued negativity, and lack of acknowledgement of my positive suggestions, got to me.

Last night I did what had been heavily implied (if not explicitly said) and changed the title. I do not wish to be deceitful though so I've included a statement at the top of the post explaining that I have done so. The title is certainly clearer now if less snappy.

Giving people what they want doesn't always solve the problem. Changing the title in this way compromises my integrity and I do not think it helps the astrologer. I actually think it would make things worse for them. Anyway, I can accept that I may be wrong so we'll see if changing the title helps.

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