I'm not sure if I have any regular readers left. This blog certainly hasn't been regular over the past months so if you're still here then thanks for sticking it out (even if it is just because you couldn't be bothered to remove me from your RSS reader).

This blog was originally set up so that I could "write about astronomy and astrophysics related stuff". That was in 2003 and with everyone else doing such a great job of covering the latest astronomical happenings, it seems pointless me repeating it when you can get it from people such as Tom, Ian, Sarah, Phil, Stuart and Andy more quickly and in much more detail. That, combined with various IYA2009 events, podcasts and an increasingly busy real job (particularly since May!), has left me little time to write here. This situation isn't going to change any time soon.

My blogging days aren't over but the type of thing that I'll cover here is changing. I don't have the time to maintain a news blog or write long, insightful articles. This blog is, however, my base and it will continue to be where I put things of interest that aren't covered elsewhere and are too long to fit into 140 characters. I'll also use it to talk about astronomical things I've made and done. Talking of which, news of a new toy I've been developing coming soon.

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