365 Days 52 Weeks of Astronomy

With the 365 Days of Astronomy podcast becoming a reality, some aspects of daily podcasts have become apparent. Most importantly to me is that my podcatching software doesn't cope too well with the frequency of episodes. The software sometimes doesn't download 'old' episodes because a couple of newer shows appeared in the days since it last checked. Also, rather than listening every day, I find myself playing catch-up by listening to episodes in bursts. The down side of doing this is that I end up hearing myself doing the closing credits a little too often. So, for those like me that tend to listen on a weekly time-scale, I thought we should create a weekly edition that required as little ongoing effort as possible.

A couple of weeks ago I hacked together some rather clunky code, in several languages, which can automatically generate a weekly edition. My code slices and dices the daily shows and puts them back together into one episode per week. It seems to have worked well on the first six weeks with only a couple of minor bugs that I was able to iron out. With most of the hard work automated that only leaves the job of maintaining the RSS feed. Rob has very kindly volunteered to take on that responsibility.

Without further ado, the New Media Working Group of the International Year of Astronomy presents the 52 Weeks of Astronomy RSS feed. This is not a replacement of the daily podcast but simply an alternate way to digest it. Bon appetite!

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