Telescope night on BBC Four

Tonight, if you have access to digital TV in the UK, BBC Four has a series of four programmes about astronomy:

  1. 20:00 -21:00 The Sky at Night: Sir Patrick Moore charts the development of the telescope over four centuries.
  2. 21:00-22:00 Hubble Telescope Documentary about the work of the world's most famous space telescope. (Repeat)
  3. 22:00-23:20 Storyville: Blast! Scientists launch a revolutionary telescope to try and explain the formation of galaxies. This looks like our chance to see the film for free!
  4. 23:20-00:00 Time Shift Adam Hart-Davis explores the world of Britain's 40,000 amateur astronomers
All times are given in GMT. Looks like it should be a good night of programming.

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