2008: My digital year

At the start of the holidays I calculated my year in travel and discovered that I had done the equivalent of a circumnavigation of Mars. Since then Sarah has calculated that her year has been the equivalent of a circumnavigation of the Earth. My previous post covered my journeys in the real world but doesn't say anything about my digital life. So I thought I would account for some of my digital year during 2008.

I'll start with the area that feels like an climb up an Alp every day; emails. I get an average of 33.4 emails per day but it is growing. As you can see below, those that are specifically about my job (not general employer spam) don't make up a very large fraction of them (although those tend to come with attachments to read so take much longer to deal with).

Emails per month during 2008. Does not include spam filtered mail. Calculated by my email client. CREDIT: Stuart
Moving on to blog posts, the year started with the UK physics funding crisis which prompted a flurry of posts from me but dented my enthusisam as it wore on. Thankfully, the International Year of Astronomy is starting to pick up my mood again.

blog posts
Blog posts per month during

2008 CREDIT: Stuart
One of the other reasons for a decline in blog posts was simply a lack of time to sit down and write them. However, it doesn't take very long to post an update to Twitter so my twitter feed has seen an increase over the year. I'm tweeting 4.4 times per day on average which is probably too much. I'll try to stop it rising during 2009. Apparently the people I 'reply' to the most are @davepdotorg, @pierrenel, @orbitingfrog and @aallan. I'm also most likely to post a tweet on a Tuesday - not sure why.

Twitter updates per month during 2008. Monthly counts from Tweetstats. CREDIT: Stuart
Another part of my digital life is my camera. These days I tend to take photos when I'm visiting somewhere interesting so the plot for the year shows Himalyan peaks that correlate to my travels and deep valleys when I'm back home. I took the most pictures in July whilst working in Belgium but Belfast (NAM), a work trip to Paris, and a weekend in the mountains of North Wales show up clearly too.

Photos per month during

2008. CREDIT: Stuart

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