Space @ Sundance

Amongst the world's famous film festivals is the Sundance Film Festival held in Utah. This year there are a number of space-themed films on show. Interestingly, several of the films seem to be exploring what it might be like to be isolated in space. One is UK film named Moon (screenings Jan 23-25) that centres around an astronaut living on a lunar base with a robot named Gerty. It sounds like it may be as much about the exploration of the mind as it is of space. The Japanese film - The Clone Returns Home - involves a Japanese astronaut dying during a mission and his clone then returning to his childhood home. Field Notes from Dimension X and Captain Coulier seem to continue the theme of isolation.

Elsewhere at Sundance, artists Nova

Jiang and Michael Kontopoulos will be projecting hand puppets onto a large floating Moon in Moon Theatre. Some of these sound quite interesting and it is just a pity that I live nowhere near Utah.

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