Undercover at the Carnival

The 82nd Carnival of Space is a very special one. This week Dave Mosher brings us the round-up of the space and astronomy blogs and he does it in glorious technicolor. I would like to say a big thank you to the person that submitted my blog to the Carnival (it may even have been Dave himself). I don't submit my own blog posts to the Carnival so it may be the first time I've ever been included.

Through my blogger stealth powers I've managed to appear under a different name. It is Cumbria-based Stuart Atkinson that gets the attribution for my post. It is probably because we share the same first name and it isn't the first time that someone has got me mixed up with that Stuart (or the other one). It's mostly my own fault for only using my first name on this blog. That level of annonimity was deliberate when I started even if people like Andy and Aaron have revealed my full identity since.

If you want to tell me apart from Stuart Atkinson, he looks like this and I don't.

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