In the weeks following .Astronomy my brain has been thinking over weird and wonderful ideas about using content on the web. Last weekend I was reminded about how Technorati used to list trending topics and I thought I would have a play about to build my own list tailored to the astronomy blogosphere. So, I present the work-in-progress that is spacebuzz.

Spacebuzz trawls through (currently) 59 astronomy and space related blogs looking for tags. It then ranks the tags based on the number of occurances and how recently they were posted. If you click on one of the tags on the spacebuzz page, you should get a list of relevant blog posts within the past 30 days with the most recent first. If your blog doesn't appear in the listings it is either because I don't know about it or you don't tag your blog posts. At some point I'll build a page that lists all the blogs it uses so people can check if their own is included.

Even if nobody else finds it useful, this morning it helped me spot that the Cassini team were releasing images of Saturn's polar hexagon.

Posted in astro blog by Stuart on Tuesday 14th Oct 2008 (16:37 BST) | Permalink
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