2009 MoonWatch

One of the cornerstone projects for the International Year of Astronomy (IYA) is named 100 Hours of Astronomy. The plan is to organise astronomical observing events all over the world over a period of 100 hours. This should be a cool global event.

Ian Robson - head of IYA2009 in the UK - has been talking about IYA at the .Astronomy meeting this morning. As well as showing the great IYA2009 trailer, he points out that in the UK we don't really have much chance that we'll get 100 hours of clear sky just when needed. To get around our rather unpredictable weather, the UK IYA team are spreading our chances of good weather by having two MoonWatch weeks. One will be in the spring (March 28th - April 5th 2009) and one in the autumn (October 24th - November 1st 2009).

Ian didn't mention if Bill Oddie and Kate Humble are going to be involved.

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