.Astronomy begins

As UK astronomy bloggers probably know - because several of them are here - I'm in Cardiff visiting the .Astronomy conference. The conference is great for me because it brings together two areas I'm interested in; astronomy and new media (web stuff). That means plenty of interesting talks covering Galaxy Zoo, the Faulkes Telescope, AstroGrid, the Virtual Observatory and much much more. The talks are available live via ustream for those who can't be here in person. Rob is also twittering with comments and links that are mentioned during the talks.

The first session happened this morning and was about Citizen Science; projects where anyone can take part in doing real science. This morning Chris Lintott announced the imminent launch of Galaxy Zoo 2 to build on the efforts of the 165000 users who have helped sort 900000 galaxies in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS). Zoo 2 sounds pretty exciting but I was more intrigued by Chris's announcement of a future "Universe Zoo" (or "Zooniverse" - they haven't yet chosen a name) which will allow people to analyse data other than the SDSS. There are some interesting ideas in Universe Zoo including creating a guide book of the Moon using data from NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

You may hear about the goings on over the next few days on Chris Lintott's Universe, Orbiting Frog, the Daily Ack, the e-Astronomer or even here on Astronomy Blog.

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