It's quiet around here

I haven't posted here in nearly two weeks. That is perhaps the longest gap I've ever had between posts since I started back in 2003. There are several reasons mostly to do with being quite tired and needing a break from it all. In that time I have been tweeting as that requires very little effort and mean that I don't have to write a full blog entry. The only times I've had anything to blog about (such as the great partial solar eclipse) I've been too busy or away from a computer. Anyway, some real blog posts will be appearing here shortly.

Before I go, remember that the peak of the 2008 Perseid meteor shower (not Comet Perseid as the Littlehampton Gazette thinks) is around now. If it is dark and clear where you are, prepare yourself then get outside and have a look for shooting stars (meteors). The zenith hourly rate seems to be up at around 70 or so so you should see around one per minute.

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