Belgian Moon

Full Moon
Just past full Moon on 19th July 2008. Image taken in Liege, Belgium CREDIT: Stuart
I've been working in Belgium for the past three weeks and have been kept very busy. Hence the lack of posts here. The weather has been pretty overcast too, so I have only managed a few glimpses of the summer triangle, Jupiter and the Moon.

Tonight the sky was clear and the just-past-full Moon was particularly striking. I wanted a photograph but I only had my cheap and cheerful digital camera with me. It has no manual exposure settings so totally over-exposed the Moon on my first attempt. However, I managed to fool the auto exposure by pointing the camera at a bright security light, half pressing the shutter then turning around and fully pressing the button. The result isn't too bad and it is possible to make out some of the mare. I was taking the picture over the tops of the trees so the Moon is slightly eclipsed by a branch which blew into the shot.

Seeing the full Moon made me realise there are less than two weeks to go until the total solar eclipse. The solar eclipse will be visible from Greenland, Russia, Mongolia and China and a partial eclipse will be seen from parts of Europe, the Middle East, and India. I wish I was going to a point that can see totality but I'll just have to make do with a partial eclipse. If you watch the eclipse remember to view it safely and not to look directly at the Sun.

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