The Big Science Read 2008

I seem to spend most of my days sat in front of a computer. Although I tend to be reading a screen in one form or another I don't feel that I actually spend enough time sitting down with a good, eye-strain-free, book.

For many years in the UK we have had various national book weeks - this year running from October 6th to 12th - to encourage kids to read more. In fact, I remember taking part in one myself when I was at school. My class were even lucky enough to receive a personal letter from the brilliant author Roald Dahl thanking us for all the events we organised.

Of course book weeks focus on reading in general and usually encourage people to read fiction. However, the arts and the sciences are not mutually exclusive things and there is no reason for them to be separate. So, this year sees the launch, in Manchester, of the Big Science Read. The aim is to encourage people to "explore, re-discover and get excited about" science-themed books. That includes both science fact and science fiction. I think this is a great idea and I have just started reading a pretty interesting science-themed book myself. I'll post a review of it here in a few days time.

Go lose yourself in a book for a while.

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