Trouble with UNITs

It is nice when somewhere you know gets referenced in popular fiction. I broke into a smile when Jodrell Bank was mentioned by the Colonel from UNIT in this week's episode of Doctor Who - The Poison Sky. Apparently Jodrell Bank had detected a signal 5000 miles above the Earth. I have to say that I am slightly disappointed that UNIT don't use SI units.

In real life Jodrell Bank is a radio quiet zone - it listens rather than transmits - but it does occasionally get referenced in British sci-fi detecting (or failing to detect) aliens. Back in real life, searches for aliens have been carried out at Jodrell Bank for the SETI Institute. That is one of the reasons Jodrell Bank has been referred to as a "real-life Torchwood Institute".

Now, I must go work out how to get perl talking to my sonic screwdriver.

Posted in astro blog by Stuart on Saturday 03rd May 2008 (20:17 BST) | Permalink
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