(Don't) Name a star

Two years ago I wrote about companies that let you name stars. It is one of the more popular posts on my blog with many finding it after searching for star naming online. Many of the comments I have received on that post are from people who have bought or have been bought 'star names'. They are generally of the view that 'it is only a bit of fun' and think I need to 'chill out'.

My comments on that post were really written from the frustration of having to deal with the fall-out of the star naming business. I get grieving people asking me about the star named after their relative. I try to be a gentle as possible with those people and encourage them to look at the night sky while trying to explain that it is really just a novelty item. People do not like to think that the deep and meaningful gift they've been bought (and they are meant in a deep and meaningful way by the purchaser) was a novelty item. I don't blame them. I hold the star naming companies responsible.

Stuart (no, not me) over at Cumbrian Sky has written an excellent post on star naming. He has had similar experiences to me and really does a good job of explaining why I find it so reprehensible. I encourage you to read the full article.

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