2009 approaches

The International Year of Astronomy 2009 (IYA) is approaching. Many people all over the planet are working on projects that will take place throughout the year and leave a legacy well into the future.

In an attempt to stay positive for 2009 I've decided to put my Save Astronomy banner to one side especially given that nothing is going to change with the UK Government/STFC until the Wakeham Review (now underway) reports back (and even then it may not change anything). Whatever happens to UK-based astronomy, there is still lots to do for IYA.

The IYA coordinating team - composed of astronomers, educators and others from all over the planet - are planning a whole series of cornerstone projects and are encouraging others to plan activities too. If you are in a local astronomical society you may be planning things already. If you are not in an astronomical society or club of some kind, now might be a good time to consider joining one.

There are plenty of cool projects suggested. One involves giving as many people as possible the chance to look at the night sky through a telescope. Part of that involves a "telescope amnesty" to encourage people to dust off telescopes locked up in cupboards or basements and take them to IYA events to allow others to see the beauty of the night sky too. I'll be trying to do some urban guerilla astronomy too.

It's going to be fun. Are you ready?

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