Earth Hour 2008 Tonight

Thanks to a tweet from fyc on Twitter I was reminded about Earth Hour. Earth Hour 2008 is taking place at 8pm (local time) tonight in 24 cities around the world. The aim is to get as many people to turn off their (unnecessary) lights as possible to reduce energy usage. However Earth Hour also has the happy side-effect of reducing light pollution for an hour and so allowing city-dwellers to get a view of the night sky as long as it isn't cloudy.

There are no UK cities officially participating although Dublin, in the Republic of Ireland, is. Even if your city isn't on the official list you can take part as an individual along with 280,000 others. You'll even save yourself some money.

Update (11:26 GMT): The Earth Hour people have a live blog that is giving updates as different cities move into the 8pm-9pm range. Christchurch, Fiji and Sydney have already taken part.

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