ATV go for launch

The European Space Agency's Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) is currently undergoing preparations for launch at the Kourou Spaceport in French Guiana. Launch is due for 04:03 UT on Sunday morning but I'm not sure I'll be up early enough to see it. People in Australia or the western US probably have the most civilized viewing times. Once launched the ATV will head to the International Space Station as a supply ship. It will spend around six months attached to the ISS as a store room before detaching and finally burning up in our atmosphere. The cool thing about it is that it is unmanned and will guide itself to a rendezvous with the ISS.

Nearer launch time you'll be able to see the Kourou Spaceport on the ESA website. Be sure to check out the ESA ATV blog for up-to-the-minute news too. They currently have a telephone interview with ESA's ISS Programme Manager who is at the launch site.

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