Teachers to the barricades

The Manchester Evening News mentions that Sir Bernard Lovell is "astonished" about the possibility of funding being removed from e-MERLIN. The article goes on to quote various school teachers from around the region who have come to the defence of Jodrell Bank Observatory given the recent possibility of funding cuts to the e-MERLIN project. Amongst the excellent quotes was one from Richard Thornhill, a teacher from Disley Primary school in Cheshire. He said:

"It [Jodrell Bank Observatory] brings space to life for the children. When they see the telescope and meet some of the people involved in the research they are inspired."

I particularly liked that quote as I took the Jodrell Bank/Cheshire County Council inflatable planetarium to Disley Primary school a few years ago. I do remember it being a great school with good kids and teachers who actually showed an interest too. I can only hope that I was one of those to have inspired the kids there.

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