UK Gemini status improves

After seeing Pierre Nel's Flickr image of a Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC) Dark Matter post advertised before the funding crisis I wandered over to the STFC website. There I saw the welcome announcement that the UK is now to retain its full membership of Gemini. Of course the funding crisis for UK astronomy and particle physics hasn't gone away but the UK may be allowed to sell some of its observing time to other members of Gemini and possibly countries outside of the partnership. The UK has also be re-instated on the Gemini website.

If you, or your nation, would like to buy some observing time on Gemini South (in Chile) you should probably direct your enquiries to the Science & Technology Facilities Council or the UK Gemini Office.

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Posted in astro blog by Stuart on Thursday 28th Feb 2008 (09:03 GMT) | Permalink
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