STFC Outreach

The STFC have been getting a lot of bad press recently over the huge cuts they are implementing due to lack of funds. One of the areas STFC (formerly PPARC) have done well at is providing grants for science outreach projects. Each year they have two rounds of grant applications to support projects promoting STFC-related science areas (note that the range of areas increased from those of PPARC). Science Centres benefit from a specific set of grants and individual researchers and/or schools can apply for amounts from £500 to £15,000.

I've just spotted that the report for the latest round of awards (2007B) is now online. In total £50,000 was split between three science centres and just under £100,000 was split amongst 11 "Small Awards" (out of 45 applications). It is interesting to note is that three-quarters of the applications were in astronomy/space science but only half of the awards went to those areas. Either the overall quality of astronomy/space related applications isn't great or STFC wanted to encourage some of the other areas of its science programme to do outreach. After all, we need people to be excited about neutron sources too.

If you have a good idea for an outreach project (the committee seem to be encouraging applications from schools and projects related to nuclear/particle physics) the next deadline is 11 April 2008. The STFC website tells you how to apply.

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