UK Gemini access update

I'm sure all regular readers of this blog are aware of the current UK funding crisis affecting particle physics and astronomy. This first came to light in November when the UK's Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC) announced their plan to reduce funding to Gemini. Previously the UK contributed to around 25% of the total cost of the observatory. Since November STFC have proposed cuts to many other projects and research grants.

In January the Gemini Board (presumably minus the UK part) responded to STFC's suggestions by ejecting the UK from the collaboration with immediate effect. That meant that all the UK-led observing proposals were removed from the list of planned observations. The UK was also removed from the Gemini website. Yesterday there was some good news as the Gemini Board reversed their previous decision and conditionally re-instated the UK-led observations for the first semester of this year. This is good news for those students, post docs and senior academics who had had their research proposals suddenly removed after having proved their scientific worth.

There is no information on the status for the second semester of 2008 or indeed future years.

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