A Brief History of Astronomy Blogs

Update (3 Feb 2008): please note that this doesn't claim to be a complete list of every astronomy blog. As I say, it includes those that I have on my links page and a few others that I don't. If you own (or know of) any more just add them in the comments and I'll add them when I notice.

Inspired by Dave P's observing log timelines using Simile I decided to chart the history of the astronomy blogosphere. Below you should see an interactive timeline centred on what might be the very first astronomy-related blog - The Space Writer's Ramblings - which first started regular entries in early 2002. I turned up a year and a half later just after the About Space Blog. Using your mouse you should be able to drag the timeline around by month or by year. As well as the first post dates for many of the astronomy blogs on my links page I've added some milestones in general blogging history.

Update 24/1/2008: I've added a few more astro blogs. I can't believe that I forgot Cosmic Log from the early days.

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