It's AAS time again

For astronomers on the other side of the Atlantic - i.e. the US if you aren't paying attention - it is conference time. Each year the American Astronomical Society (pronounced double A S) has its big annual meeting near the start of January. I'm not sure why they have it at such an awkward time as it makes people stressed creating posters and writing presentations during the holidays but they do. This year it is being held in Austin, Texas. The conference is a huge get together for US astronomers and a scattering of other nationalities. One of the consequences of the AAS meeting is that there have been less astronomy news stories over the past few weeks as they are saved up for the conference. We can expect a flood of astronomy headlines over the next week.

Phil Plait, Pamela Gay, Fraiser Cain and Rebecca (of Astronomy Cast) are having a meet up in Austin for their readers and listeners on Tuesday night. It sounds like it should be fun. On a similar note, how do people this side of the Atlantic feel about having some kind of meet-up in London during European AstroFest in February?

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