Chancellor Brian May!

Following on from his success in the band Queen and the successful completion of his PhD, which he started back in the early 70s, Brian May has now been appointed chancellor of Liverpool John Moores University. There is no mention of it on his website although he has posted asking people to vote for him as the best guitarist of all time which may be more important.

The main question that springs to mind is why Liverpool JMU chose to make him their chancellor. The university's vice-chancellor sums it up by saying (according to AP and The Register):

In this age of celebrity culture, it is rare to find someone who has fame, fortune and universal acclaim and yet who remains true to his core values of learning and enlightenment.

I like to think that Liverpool JMU's excellent astronomical research together with operation of the Liverpool Telescope and the Faulkes telescopes may have had something to do with it. Obviously, Liverpool also has a strong musical tradition too and is European Capital of Culture 2008 so that may have been an influence too.

Brian is now the second space-themed university chancellor that I'm aware of. The other boldly went to be the chancellor of the University of Huddersfield. Of course, Jean-Luc Picard doesn't have a PhD as far as I'm aware.

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