Catch a Star 2008

Each year the European Southern Observatory have a competition - Catch a Star - open to school students from all around the world. As I've said before, the aim is to encourage children to work together, learn about astronomy and to research things for themselves. Catch a Star actually consists of three competitions. The first is for teams of up to three students to research a particular topic in astronomy. This has the best prizes in my opinion with the winning group visiting the Paranal Observatory in Chile - home of the fantastic Very Large Telescope (VLT). Last year's winners made a short video of their trip and put it on YouTube. The second competition is aimed at larger groups and prizes of DVD-ROMs, t-shirts and posters are awarded by lottery. The third competition is for the best astronomy-themed artwork in different age groups. Previous years have seen some great entries and the winners are chosen with the help of a public vote. This year there will also be a special prize awarded by an astronomical artist.

The deadline for entries is 29th February 2008 (leap year day!) so head over to the ESO site to find out how to enter and what you need to do before it is too late.

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