Twitter Account Hacked

I have been using the social networking site Twitter for some time and have slowly been building up a presence there. I don't 'tweet' very much but yesterday I mentioned about the 50th anniversary of the launch of Sputnik and that I had been listening to BBC Radio 4's Dirk Gently. After that, I was unable to connect to the Twitter website. At the time I assumed it was one of the increasingly frequent outages and went off home to bed. However, it seems that somebody else had taken control of my account and was posting very dodgy comments under my name. I didn't even understand what one of the comments meant, but I assume that it was supposed to be rude.

The result of this is that some nasty person has had their fun pretending to be me and trying to destroy my reputation. Luckily, a couple of people who have been following my blog or twitter feed for some time spotted the change of personality. So, many thanks to Dave P and Andrew

who both contacted my via email or this blog to inform me that they thought my twitter

account had been hacked.

This is my first experience of personal identity theft online and it isn't nice. To have someone pretend to be me is unsettling and unpleasant especially when they start posting highly inappropriate comments. Apologies to everyone who thought those comments were from me. They most certainly weren't.

At the moment I am unclear as to how this person hacked into my account. Did they guess my password? Have I got a key logger on my computer? Did they intercept my network traffic? Did somebody hack into my computer in another way? What I do know is that my computer was off and in my laptop bag from about half eight (BST) last night. I have considered deleting my Twitter account but I worry that the perpetrator of last night's activity may then make a new account in my name. Does anyone have any suggestions of what to do?

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