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The astronomy blogosphere is, like the Universe, expanding. My blog doesn't have too many readers but every now and then I like to give some visibility to new blogs with good writing. Two that have come to my attention recently are The Visible Universe and Backyard Sketches.

The Visible Universe is a blog written by Kate Becker as an online version of her local newspaper column in Boulder. She writes well and has covered some stories I haven't seen elsewhere such as the npower constellation and an interesting report about Charles Schisler who may have found pulsars first, but didn't communicate the discover to the rest of the world. It is also good to see an original pun on Brian May's recent viva results. Over at Backyard Sketches, James reports on his own observations from Cambridgeshire as well as his views on Google Sky. He also has a Twitter feed.

There you are, two newish blogs there that are worth checking out.

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