Herstmonceux Astro Fest 2007

The Hertmonceux Science Centre, based in East Sussex, is hosting an astronomy festival from 7th to 9th September. The will have some of the Sky At Night team, Chris Lintott (who will be signing copies of his book) as well as astrophotographer Nik Szymanek and Andy Newsam who runs the National Schools Observatory. On the Sunday they have the (former?) Blue Peter Astronomer Anton Vamplew turning up for the family activity day which will include rocket building and launching. Older family members will also be catered for with a beer tent. At the European Astrofest Herstmonceux's Sandra Voss even told me that they've had Storm Troopers on security duty in previous years too so it should be a fun weekend!

Discounts apply for SPA members; yet another reason to join.

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