4th Birthday

Welcome to post number 700! My first post was way back on 20th August 2003. That makes it a smote over four years that I have been writing a web log. Back when blogs were first being called blogs, I insisted that I wouldn't start one and so, inevitably, started this shortly afterwards. In mid-2003, there were only a handful of astronomy-related blogs such as space.about.com and Cosmic Log, both of which are still going strong today. Without wanting to sound like the Monty Python Yorkshireman Sketch (and I am actually a Yorkshireman), a lot has changed in the past four years. Not only in the improvements in blogging software and web services, but also the increase in the number of astronomy-related weblogs. My list of blogs mostly concerning astronomy now stands at 46 and that doesn't include all the manned-spaceflight and rocket-themed blogs out there. The astro-blogosphere is a much larger place than it was.

In my last blog anniversary I commented that a Carnival of the Astronomy Blogs would be a good idea. I'm glad that Henry Cate decided to actually get one rolling and Emily Lakdawalla is currently hosting week 17. So what of the future? Well, the Carnival of Space is a great start but I think we will see even more of an online astro-blog community - including both amateur and professional astronomers - develop in the build up to International Year of Astronomy 2009. I'm looking forward to it.

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