The Moon beats Harry Potter

Every now and again I peruse my web logs to find out how many times pages on this site have been viewed. It gives me a bit of an idea of what the denizens of the Interwebs are looking for, astronomically, and I get to see if something I wrote was actually read by more than five people.

Today I looked at the summary of the past two months. As you might expect with the release of a film and the last book in the series, many people stumbled across my entry on Harry Potter and the Book 7 Star Party. However, that was only the second most popular post (third was my post about the broken ACS). The winner, by a large margin - it was almost three times as popular as the Harry Potter post - was my post about the Orange Moon I saw back in 2005. It would appear that for the past two full Moons, the atmosphere has been fairly dusty in a range of countries (particularly the UK and US) and this has led to a flurry of people trying to find out why the Moon looked as orange as it did.

What would these people have done before the Internet? I don't think that the answer to a question like this would be very easy to find in a typical library. However, not only did they find out the reason, they were also kind enough to leave me some nice descriptions of the beautiful sight they saw. The Internet can be fantastic sometimes.

By the way, I recently saw another very orange looking Moon myself. That one was due to smoke from a nearby fire.

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