Pot luck

I am currently sat in one of the departures lounges at Las Vegas airport with a view of the big casino buildings that I presume make up the main strip. I can see a big pyramid-shaped building emitting a beam of light out of the top into the night sky. Considering all the neon lights, the light pollution doesn't seem too bad actually. Certainly a lot less than Manchester!

Las Vegas seems to be surrounded by desert and mountains and looks totally random from the air. It has the feeling that it has been partly imposed on the landscape as if it has just landed from outer space. Of course, when I set off this morning I had no idea I would now be sat in Las Vegas; my flights got rescheduled and changed on transit so here I am.

What I have learnt today is that the service with US Airways is pretty variable. My best experience was being upgraded to business class for the trans-Atlantic leg but things took a turn for the worse at Chicago when I was taken off a plane (after having taken my seat!) for no apparent reason other than they had over booked the plane. They actually replaced me with a standby person to add insult to the extra few hours sat in a departures lounge with no US dollars. Why will no cash machines (ATMs) give me any money? Luckily the nice US Airways ladies at Las Vegas took pity on me and gave me a meal voucher so at least I could get something to eat.

I now understand why the US immigration official said "good luck" to me when he gave me my passport back.

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