International Sidewalk Astronomy Night

Since 1976, the Sidewalk Astronomers have been helping people to look through telescopes at the wonders of the Universe for free. The group was originally started by John Dobson, of Dobsonian telescope fame, in 1968. Over the years, their events have mainly been in the US. That is until now. This Saturday, 19th May, sees the first International Sidewalk Astronomy Night.

The plan is for owners of telescopes all over the world to take them out onto the street, to parks, to cinemas, to shops etc. and share the night sky with others. Check out the events already planned (in the UK there are events in Birmingham, Colchester, Essex, Huddersfield, Liverpool and the Isle of Wight so far) and if there are none near you, consider organising your own. I know Peter is planning to be in Central Park, NYC. Is anyone doing anything in Leeds or Manchester?

The only trouble for those of us in the UK, apart from the weather, is that we don't call the path by the side of a road a sidewalk. A direct translation would be Pavement Astronomers but that doesn't have quite the same ring to it. Anyway, whatever you want to call it, it is good to share the skies with more people.

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