More Sky At Night Celebrations

Another post and another mention of the Sky At Night. This time it is just a reminder that the second of the 50th anniversary programmes will be airing this Sunday night at 23:10 on BBC 1. The first of these special episodes went out on 1st April and can be watched via the BBC website thanks to the very nice tech folks at the BBC. The second programme will feature the party that was held at Patrick Moore's house a week or so ago. The great and the good of UK and Irish astronomy were in attendance as you can see in the photos courtesy of and Chris Lintott.

There is also a thirty minute long anniversary programme on at the much more reasonable time of 16:45. However, I've been told that this is in the style of a 'I Love The...' programmes and doesn't actually feature Patrick, or any of the usual Sky At Night folks. If true, that is a great shame.

In other news, Ian beat me to reporting that the French satellite - COROT - has spotted its first extra-solar planet. Well done COROT. The exoplanet encyclopedia now lists 232 candidate planets. That is up by 14 since 7th April. I make that about one new candidate every two days!

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