NAM 2007 in the pod

I've already excused my lack of blog posts from the National Astronomy Meeting and the reason has partly been the time (and effort) I've put in to podcasting the week. Days one to four are now online in special daily shows.

We covered a huge range of topics including: International Heliophysical Year (Lucie Green), meteorites (Monica Grady), wakes left by moving stars (Chris Wareing), the effects of solar radiation on astronauts (Mike Lockwood), magnetic bubbles/force-fields (Ruth Bamford), the Herschel Telescope (Matt Griffin), the Hubble Space Telescope and World Space Observatory (Martin Barstow), astro-chemistry and the Sky At Night (Chris Lintott) and exoplanets (Peter Wheatley). The final day (day 5 which was today) will be released tomorrow and contains interviews about STEREO (Chris Davis), Mars Express (Helen Walker) and RS Ophiuchi (Mike Bode).

Some of the interviews were recorded in the University of Central Lancashire's recording studios and others were recorded in the lecture theatres, corridors and poster sessions. Personally, I like to have some of the background noise because it puts across some of the feel of the conference. Thanks to David Boyce, Paul Steele and Neil Phillips who joined the standard Jodcast crew to help with presenting duty and get a broader view of the many parallel sessions.

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