Balancing Eggs

The Spring Equinox was at 00:07 UT this morning. In the US there is a popular misconception that only at this precise time are you able to balance eggs on end. You can easily disprove this myth by balancing eggs at different times throughout the year but very few people seem to try it. The Bad Astronomer has a good book named, funnily enough, Bad Astronomy which expounds at great length the details of this myth's origins and why it just isn't true (PDF).

Back in November 2003 I bought quite a large box of eggs and tried it myself. November is nowhere near the Spring Equinox but as you can see from the image below, I had six eggs balancing simultaneously. No trickery is involved here but I did find that some eggs were easier to balance than others. In this photo the eggs are balanced on wood (part of a cheap Homebase shelving unit) as the carpet was too easy! However, I did balance eggs on a kitchen worktop as well. What I didn't manage was to get the eggs to balance upside down; I'll have to have another go at that. Plus, six was the most I got balanced in one go and I'm sure someone could do better.

Balanced eggs
Six eggs balanced on end on 19th November 2003. CREDIT: Stuart

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