Last few nights to help

As Ian points out, there are only a few more nights left to contribute to the Globe At Night project which is trying to get a global view of the problem of light pollution. The idea is to compare how many stars you can see in the constellation of Orion with the charts they have on their website. This is fairly easy to do although I've not been able to see any stars myself over the past few days due to cloud.

I've included the current map of UK/Ireland observations (below) showing a distinct lack of observations in Ireland, Scotland, North Wales and the north of England. Presumably this is due to the weather we've been having lately. We are also lacking observations in our big cities considering the huge numbers of people that live there. Observations from big cities are not useless and well help complete the big picture. So if it's clear tonight (or tomorrow), go outside and give it a try.

Globe at Night - UK
The UK distribution of observations for the Globe At Night project. CREDIT: Globe At Night/ESRI ArcWeb Services

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