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In one of my recent posts I talked about Hubblecast. I mentioned that the astronomers behind Hubblecast had MySpace pages with "Zodiac Signs" shown in their profiles. At the time I was unware that MySpace don't let you choose if this is displayed or not. They effectively force everyone to endorse astrology in this small way. I've since found out that several other astronomers (e.g. Pamela and Phil) not to mention spacecraft (e.g. Swift and GLAST) are in MySpace too. So perhaps it might be useful for people to be able to remove it if they want to.

I had a look at the code for the page and realised that if you are able to add your own style sheets (presumably people can because there are all sorts of personalised designs on MySpace) you could stop the Zodiac field being displayed using CSS. All you need to do is insert the following CSS somewhere in the page:

<style type="text/css">
tr#Zodiac { visibility: hidden!important; }

In the comments on the previous post I suggested the visibility:collapse attribute but Internet Explorer doesn't seem to like that so visibility:hidden will have to do. I don't have a MySpace account so can't test it properly. If anyone does, I would appreciate some feedback on the success or lack thereof of this little hack. Of course, better solutions are welcome so add them below.

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